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Bikes in bloom across America

By Frosty Wooldridge

This summer while bicycling 3,400 miles across America from New Port Beach, Oregon to Washington DC, I met hundreds of Americans, tourists and bicycle travelers.  I heard the craziest conversations in coffee houses and diners.  You will be hearing some of their stories in the coming months.  The ride:

While traveling at 12 miles per hour, I really “see and feel” the landscape.  I become part of it.  I mesh with Mother Nature in a physical, mental and spiritual dance.  It’s hard to describe,...

Bicycling Across America Coast to Coast: Sublime Adventure

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said, “Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.”

“Bicycle adventure: if the roar of a wave crashes beyond your campsite, you might call that adventure.  When coyotes howl outside your tent--that may be adventure.   When the wind rips at your tent pegs—that too, may be called adventure.  While you’re sweating like a horse in a climb over a 12,000 foot pass, that’s adventure.  When a howling headwind  presses your lips against your teeth, you’re facing a mighty adventure.  If you’re...

Magic Canoe Glide at 9,000 Feet in the Rockies

Our loaded canoe slipped easily away from the dock on the south end of Shadow Mountain Lake high in the Rocky Mountains.  Above us, puffy summer clouds skidded across the sky while swallows darted across the water in front of us.  One speedster snatched a floating white feather out of the air, lost it, then dove back to catch it again—then off to her nest.

We paddled toward three islands in the middle of the lake when an osprey swooped down in front of us.  Seconds later, it swept up to a branch in a dead tree. As we paddled past, the osprey watched us intently.


High altitude adventure: skiing at 13,000 feet

“We pushed forward about 30 yards at a clip.  Then caught our breath!  Hammered another 30 yards! Stopped to breathe!  Always, we looked up to the prize at 13,000 feet.   Don’t let me kid you; it takes guts, gumption and hard core determination to slog up a mountain peak—especially in winter.  Could we die?  Sure, we could meet our maker.   But heck, living full-out until we die is more fun.  Is it cold?  Sure, but we layer up.”  Journal entry, 3/22/12 FW 

Under a rising sun and blue sky, we turned into the Crane parking lot at the head of the 10th Mountain Hut trailhead just...

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