Funding your adventures

You may like this dynamic and exciting method for funding your adventures with time freedom and financial freedom:

Countless numbers of people marvel at how men and women enjoy money and time freedom to travel around the world for one, two and three years. The key: change your references to jobs, money and work. If you think in the old ways of a normal job, you will work for regular pay and enjoy two weeks of vacation annually. After 15-20 years, you may garner three weeks. However, you need three to six months and even a year for the grand adventures awaiting you around the world.

I funded my travels around the world by utilizing work as my vehicle such as gaining a job in Antarctica. It paid my travel and paid me while I spent six months on the Ice Continent. Some travelers pay $100,000.00 for a six week steamship trip around Antarctica. Most are retired and older. I actually made money and didn't pay a dime while spending six glorious months in Antarctica.

However, today, I leverage my time by duplicating my financial efforts into residual income.

How can you enjoy abundant money and time to travel the world? How can you earn ample money to pursue your passions such as painting, sculptor, writing, athletics, volunteer work, dance competitions or enjoying your children more?

Please examine my "secret" job for making abundant money while enjoying endless time freedom. Watch these two videos:

If you want greater health and/or aren't being paid enough or you dislike your job, this video will show you how to live your life on your own terms: The Rules Have Changed.

Here is a video of Dr. Alice Reed, MD, in a 10 minute ground breaking presentation.

“I have seen more miracles in the first 3 months that I used this technology than in 50 years of traditional medicine.” - Norman Marvin, M.D.

Right now, America features 80 million baby boomers who command lots of money, but face dwindling health. They will pay endless money to regain or maintain their health. As you witnessed in the videos, Life Vantage enjoys 40 years research, eight patents and 15 university peer-reviews all the way to Harvard University that corroborate Protandim's effectiveness. Dr. Joe McCord enjoys four Nobel Prize nominations in medicine.

Life Vantage, featuring Protandim, Canine Health and True Science, holds eight patents to this remarkable Nrf2 activator that cuts "oxidative stress" by 40 percent in 30 days and 70 percent in less than six months. It's made up of five botanicals. Protandim jumpstarts your body's ability to produce over 1,000 antioxidants and anti-aging enzymes by the millions in every cell, every second. Protandim turns back your internal age to that of a 20 year old. It regenerates, renews and restores your body's youthful capacity to heal itself.

The second 4 minute video will give you an idea of how this "fountain of youth" product works. In essence, your mitochondria are the Warp Drive of your body's cells. In that process, they create millions of destructive waste particles called "free radicals" that go around "rusting" your body tissue. In other words, free radicals age you, make your skin sag, energy drop, suffer ailments, cause a lot of pain, etc. For our four legged friends, "Canine Health" with a similar formula, works equally well on your pets for joint mobility, vitality and health.

Watch this ABC report 4 minute report.

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P.S. I'm bicycling the "boot" of Italy next summer, making a video of the adventure and writing a book: Bicycling the Old Roman Empire. How can I do it? By working with to help people regain and maintain their health and wellness. What adventure has your name on it? Let me help you live it!