How to Live a Life of Adventure - a book on the art of exploring the world by Frosty Wooldridge

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Frosty explains to an audience how they can live their dreams, make intention a reality, and live an adventerous life. No matter what your background, you can enjoy life to its fullest. Frosty tells you the steps he has taken and the philosophy he has adopted to travel the world on his bicycle.

How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge

Review by John Stchur

John Stchur is a successful novelist whose books were singled out for unsolicited praise and endorsement by none other than Stephen King. He is also the holder of two world's records in weightlifting in the master's division. He has spent a lifetime in absolute awe of Frosty Wooldridge's drive, determination and "lightness of being."

While Frosty Wooldridge's How To Live A Life Of Adventure is absolutely amazing in its detail, all-encompassing depth and ability to inspire, it is imperative that first I say something about the man. Equally amazing.

Now come on... who amongst us upon hearing the name "Frosty" wouldn't conjure up an image of someone extraordinary in all the most positive, sun-shiny ways? Well, Frosty Wooldridge actually exceeds those expectations. I guarantee it.

What he won't tell you in this book (too modest) is that in all his travels people naturally flock to him, surround him whenever possible, and somehow he manages to make each and every one of them feel their very best about themselves. He is also very deep, very spiritual, in his interpretation and appreciation of his experiences, and that part does come across in the book, in a way that amplifies every adventure so that one feels it in his or her soul.

There is adventure here to be sure -- from actually getting arrested in Mississippi for "having too much fun" to facing down an Alaskan grizzly at such close quarters that he could actually smell its breath to bicycling at an oxygen-starved 16,000 feet in the Chilean Andes and glancing sideways to discover a giant condor with a twelve-foot wingspan accompanying him just off his left handlebars, that is adventure. And you get to experience these and scores of others that are equally amazing. With soul. With a deep and spiritual man's life-affirming take on things.

The above should be reason enough to buy How To Live A Life Of Adventure, but there's another as well, and it too puts the book in a class by itself. In my opinion it is the most COMPLETE book you will ever read on any subject. We are all familiar with the series of books whose titles all begin with "Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About ______" Consider them Cliff Notes compared to the wealth of useful information and depth in Frosty's book.

I cannot imagine any question -- or excuse for not following through on your own adventure -- that is not addressed, answered and explained within these pages. When, where, why, how, how to pay for and what to do once you're there, all explained, all answered in such an organized manner that you will use it as a resource guide a thousand times along your way. I cannot recommend Frosty Wooldridge's How To live A Life Of Adventure enough. It left me searching for a word that is several notches above amazing. Alas, there is none. Unless Frosty comes upon it in his travels...