Travel creates introductions to amazing moments - Greeting card

The dentist said, "Open wide and a bicyclist will pop out!" On an adventure, you never know what different kinds of "moments" will spontaneously burst upon you in foreign countries. You may walk on the Wall of China from the Ming Dynasty. When traveling in Nepal, you may pedal behind a water buffalo known as the John Deere tractor of Asia. You may walk with and meet people from centuries ago like Caesar's cremation spot in Rome or stand where Alexander the Great stood at the Oracle of Delphi. You walk where Thomas Jefferson lived in Monticello and you turn the same doorknob he used to open his front room. You may march down the same street as Susan B. Anthony or Joan of Arc. You may run into Muhammad Ali and shake hands with Clint Eastwood like I did. On an adventure, every day fills you with expectation for the extraordinary. Travel becomes the great educator and humbler. The subtleties of travel acquaint you with great characters of history and inspire you to your own greatness. Travel renders ideas for your own life process.
Touring cyclist exiting ferry, Lofotan Island, Norway © 2012 Frosty Wooldridge

Touring cyclist exiting ferry, Lofotan Island, Norway

Frosty riding out of the belly of one of the hundreds of ferry boats that serve Norwegians from Nord Cap all the way to Bergen. They run from Lofotan Island to Oslo. We met people from every corner of the world. Riding out of the belly of the beast points you toward a new beginning.