Spirit of Adventure Greeting Cards by Frosty Wooldridge

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While traveling all over this planet, participating in endless wilderness activities—unique photographs presented themselves to my camera. While pictures may be beautiful to behold, the story behind them creates the energy of adventure.

Each card carries a photograph of dynamic outdoor activities you or your mates may enjoy. The vignette on the back inserts you into the picture, expressing the feelings you might share with a friend. Result: “Spirit of Adventure” greeting cards may be sent to say—“Thank you” ; “Invitation to a party” ; “Friendship appreciation” ; “Sympathy for a loss” ; “Wish you were here” and more.

These cards cover para-gliding, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, backpacking, mountain climbing, winter mountaineering skiing, bicycling, mountain biking, powder skiing, water skiing, bicycle touring, snow-shoeing, kite-flying, windsurfing, rock climbing, camping, fly fishing, bicycles in bloom, scuba diving, horseback riding, swimming, triathlon, ice skating, motorcycling, dancing and much more. If would like a specific subject, let me know and I will create the photograph and vignette to suit your needs. Each card delights the eye and inspires the spirit.

Additionally, these first-of-their-kind “Spirit of Adventure” greeting cards make inspirational gifts. 

You may order a variety pack with 10, 20 or 40 different sports or activities, or a single-themed card of your choice. Enjoy these unique “Spirit of Adventure” greeting cards with picture on the front and adventure vignette on the back.

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Look through the catalog of pictures and vignettes listed below to pick your favorites. Savor life intensely one moment at a time. Order today!

Some of the photos on Spirit of Adventure Greeting cards