Steep and deep - Greeting card

Some kind of magic touches your soul on a ski run through a pine-covered meadow at 11,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Your lungs devour pristine air. Your legs flex through the sparkling powder that glistens like a trillion diamonds on that sunlit slope. Gravity floats you into descending ecstasy. The farther you go down, the "higher" you go up. You dance with nature. She leads and you follow. Every bump creates a new move. Every tree offers emotional magic. You blast through knee-deep snow enticing as a winter Nutcracker ballet. You stop for a rest atop a mogul. You look up. Parry's Peak delights your eyes at 13,392 feet and inspires the poet, the writer, the singer in you. As you stand there catching your breath, a group of fellow skiers dances through the trees, over the bumps and through the virgin powder blanketing the mountain slope. Some yell while others sing. Men and women relish their own journeys on that pristine alpine meadow. Seconds later, your friend catches you, "Dude, this is outrageous!" Moments later, you continue your dance with the universe.
Skiing off Parsenn's Bowl,  Mary Jane, Winter Park, Colorado © 2012 Frosty Wooldridge

Skiing off Parsenn's Bowl, Mary Jane, Winter Park, Colorado © 2012 Frosty Wooldridge

Frank Cada skiing down Niki-Knak powder run off Parsenn's Bowl followed by his friend Glen Colton. The run began at 12,065 feet on its way over enormous alpine meadows above tree line. Soon, Frank and Glen worked their way into the trees and skied under the gargantuan Parry's Peak on the Continental Divide. At the bottom, they reluctantly jumped on the six-pack Panoramic Express for a quick ride to the top to do it all over again. Such is the life of ski bums. Mary Jane at Winter Park, Colorado